Japanese old steam locomotives.

When I was young. I took many pictures of steam locomotives. Most of these pictures were taken in my high school age. Every summer I was travering in country area of Japan. Now it became nostalgic memory.

Oyashirazu (Niigata 30 Mar,1965)

Ohnuma (Hokkaido 4 Aug,1965)

Imagawa (Yamagata 5 Aug,1965)

Goryoukaku (Hokkaido 4 Aug,1965)

Bibai (Hokkaido 22 Aug,1967)

Funahiki (Fukushima 2 Apr,1968)

Obasute (Nagano 30 Mar,1967)

Niitsu (Niigata 31 Mar,1964)

Warabitai (Hokkaido 7 Mar,1969)

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