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Hot summer!

Vienna (Austria, 13 Jun 2016)

Photo Exhibition 2017(Japanese)

White Cheristmas!

Photo Exhibition 2016(Japanese)

Photo Exhibition 2015

Photo Exhibition 2013

Christmas Live Concert at Little Smile!(22.Dec 2012)

Photo Exhibition 2012

Impression of Russia! (2011)

Japanese nostalgic trains(1963)

From Ueno Station(1992)

Photo Exhibition 2011

The fear of nuclear power.(English)

About Tsunami!(English)

About Tsunami!(Spanish)

About Tsunami!(Russian)

About Tsunami!(Korean)

Photo Exhibition 2010

Photo Exhibition 2009

The days of Monochrome!

Photo Exhibition 2007-2008

Photo Collection 2008(Japanese)

Photo Exhibition 2006

Photo Exhibition 2004 (Japanese)

  • Photo Gallery

  • Children in Dresden (2011)

    My Lisbon (1997)

    In the fog (1996)

    Nostalgic America! (2009)

    Sakura (2009)

    Sakura (2000)

    Beautiful America! (2007)

    Memories of Seattle (2007)

    A seaside town! (2000)

    A winter in Seoul (2006)

    Platform in Germany (2006)

    A summer in Korea (2005)

    Travels in Europe

    Japanese nostalgic trains
    Japanese old steam locomotives
    Summer in Osaka(2002)
    Saturdy afternoon in Tokyo
    A tiny trip from London
    London in England
    Harz in Germany

    Yasuaki Hayashi



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